Five Mibiton investments in 2018

In 2018, Mibiton invested in the infrastructure of five innovative Life Sciences companies. (1) Photanolinvestments at the R&D facilities in Amsterdam and Delfzijl, enabling the optimization of cyanobacteria strains producing a broad range of biochemicals. (2) Prolira (Utrecht), Delta scan monitors and disposable electrode patches are financed to validate delirium monitoring using a a large cohort of hospitalized patients. (3) Meatable (Leiden), to develop the first cell-based meat products, we financed a modular bioreactor system and general laboratory equipment.(4) MicroSure (Eindhoven), MicroSure Stabilizer Systems are financed, which will be used in a clinical setting at various Medical Centres, to explore potential further enhancements of the microsurgery robot.(5) CarbExplore Research (Groningen), the investment includes analytical and general lab equipment, enabling the young industrial biotech company to professionally furnish its R&D laboratory at the Zernike Innovation Center.

In 2019, we will continue to fortify the Dutch Life Sciences Infrastructure and celebrate our 25th anniversary!