Mibiton to support Prolira in realizing objective delirium care.

Prolira is a Utrecht-based company developing an innovative medical device to meet current medical needs. The so-called DeltaScan is the world’s first objective device to detect acute brain failure (also called delirium). The Prolira technology is based on measuring specific patterns in brain activity (orelectroencephalography, EEG). With DeltaScan, delirium can be monitored like any other vital sign. The novel medical device enables healthcare professionals to scan their patient’s brain activity and to detect delirium as soon as it develops. To accelerate the Clinical Evaluation Program, Mibiton will finance DeltaScan monitors and disposable patches to acquire batch-wise CE certification. The investment will enable international high profile medical centers to validate the DeltaScan delirium monitoring system using a large cohort of hospitalized patients. ©photo Nils van Houts

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