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A brace that fits you perfectly

Manometric is developing a disrupting technology to create hand- and wrist braces for patients such as suffering from rheumatism. Essentially, the Manox 2.0 system scans the patients complete hand and/or wrist, creating a 3D model using proprietary software. This model is used to 3D print a tailormade brace.

Manometric produces the next series of Manox 2.0 scanners using the Mibiton financial lease facility.

Pieter Smakman, CEO

"An orthosis or prosthetic is life-changing, and if it is designed with skill and care, it brings color back to the life of the wearer. But O&P did not change much for the last 40 years. But now, it’s on the verge of being disrupted by advanced 3D technology and AI. With a laser-focus on the patient, unique, proprietary 3D technology, innovative orthoses and our diverse and talented team, we believe we can define the new standard in orthopedic care. Mibiton enables us to place our 3D hand scanner in clinics throughout The Netherlands.”