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The next generation in stent technology

STENTIT is a Dutch-based start-up which develops regenerative stents – stents that, once implanted in patients with cardiovascular diseases, can hold blood vessels open while healing them. STENTiT is now focusing on the first therapeutic application – the treatment of atherosclerosis in patients at risk of amputation. 

Mibiton Solo financing is used to fully equip STENTiT’s R&D facilities.

Bart Sanders, CEO

“The opening of our own research laboratory has been one of the most awaited moments for our team. We are extremely grateful to Mibiton for helping us turn this dream into reality.<br>With this lab, we now have the freedom to develop and test our regenerative stents <em>in-house</em> - at any time, with peace of mind, and via the sophisticated laboratory equipment this research (and the patients of the future) deserve.Thank you, Mibiton, for your trust and support”