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About us

Mibiton funds and facilities

Our loans enable companies to bring their products to market six months to a year earlier on average, according to research carried out by Erasmus University Rotterdam (in 2011 and 2018).

Previous investments

So far, Mibiton has invested over 34 million euros through the purchase of equipment and facilities by more than 100 companies. More information about Mibiton and the companies that received a loan is included in this brochure.

The map below shows the geographical distribution per Life Sciences sector (medical, agri & food and industrial) for the financing we have issued so far.


Mibiton is the legal owner of the equipment or facilities during the term of the financial investment. The Life Sciences company is the beneficial owner from the moment the equipment or facilities are provided. Mibiton will transfer the legal ownership when all repayments including interest have been made and the company exercises its right of purchase. Mibiton is not looking for participation in a company through shares or control in the management.